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Chocolate – the sweet side of art

Not all chocolate is created equal. Chocolate lovers can tell the difference at first bite and often even at first glance. But how does one create the perfect chocolate? The art lies in combining select ingredients with the sophisticated expertise of masterful chocolatiers. Like how we do it at Leysieffer.

Transforming something fine into something even finer

First-class cacao beans and premium cacao butter are the basic components of all Leysieffer chocolate. Select nuts, spices, and fruits refine the pure chocolate – of course with an extra-large portion for pure enjoyment: A full 22 g of dried fruits top a 100 g bar of chocolate.

After the chocolate is poured into the mold, it is first subjected to a shaking process in order to remove any air bubbles it may have – for a fine, even consistency. Next, each mold takes a journey on a little paternoster lift to the cooling area, where it remains for a good hour until the finished chocolate is carefully removed by hand.

The right temperature – the right taste

Despite what many think, the optimal storage temperature for chocolate is 18 to 19°C – an absolute must we take seriously at the Leysieffer store. Storing chocolate at an excessively low temperature when the weather is warm, for example, makes the chocolate sweat. Leysieffer’s chocolatiers also recommend not keeping chocolate in your refrigerator at home, since it will lose its true chocolate taste. Chocolate is like wine – it has to have the right temperature for the flavor to fully develop.

Speaking of flavor: milk, semi-sweet, or white, nutty or fruity, sweet, salty, or spicy – the range of chocolates at Leysieffer is so diverse that chocolate lovers have difficulties making a choice, both from shelves at the store and the online shop. And anyone who has attempted to try all the different types knows that each one is simply delicious in its own way. The favorite of Leysieffer customers – the macadamia nut variant. Chili is also a crowd-pleaser, along with our assortments with high cocoa contents of 70, 85, and even 99%. The latter is a matter of taste, though.


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