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Pain-free Passion: Leysieffer’s Lactose-free Assortment

Lactose, the sugar that occurs naturally in the milk of mammals, is contained in every standard milk product. And it’s quite common for adults to be unable to tolerate it due to a lack of or insufficient lactase production, a digestive enzyme. Those who eat lactose anyway may suffer severe digestive problems.

Across the globe, a total of 75% of adults are lactose-intolerant. In Germany, this figure is approx. 15%. Lucky for them, supermarkets and cafés are following the current trend and stocking more and more lactose-free products on their shelves.

Keeping with the times

At Leysieffer, we are also responding to this development. After all, the majority of our products contain chocolate. And milk chocolate contains milk powder and, hence, lactose. To make sure our lactose-intolerant customers can continue enjoying their favorite Leysieffer products without issue, we have been offering a lactose-free range for some time to complement our standard assortment of products such as our lactose-free classics and different milk chocolate varieties. Our lactose-free products are processed at special stations set up at the Leysieffer production site.

Dark chocolate is usually lactose-free

By the way, something many people don’t know is that most dark chocolates have little to no milk and, therefore, no lactose. This makes them an agreeable option for anyone suffering from lactose intolerance.

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