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Pralines and Truffles – A Small, Subtle Difference

What’s the difference between pralines and truffles? All truffles are pralines, but not all pralines are truffles – that’s because truffles are a special “species” of pralines. Unlike other pralines, truffles are piped and rolled, their filling is firm and doesn’t run when you bite open the shell. Their name comes from their outer form, which is reminiscent of the rare, precious truffle mushroom. For us, truffle pralines aren’t rare, but they are just as precious, and even more scrumptious.

Dreaming of truffles

The core of our truffles is their fine ganache filling (link to ganache article), refined with spices, flavorings, or liquors. Using a dough press, we pipe the truffle mixture in small portions onto a solid surface and then dip them into a coating made of milk, dark, or white chocolate that has been brought to the perfect temperature. Once the coating has dripped off, we roll them in sugar, powdered sugar, or cocoa powder, depending on the truffle type, and leave them to harden.

Praline perfection

We don’t want to neglect our non-truffle, though. Because all of our pralines are small confectionary masterpieces, handcrafted as you would expect and featuring a combination of first-class chocolate and premium ingredients. Our classic pralines, for example, are a mixture created based on family recipes handed down for generations with exquisite ingredients like fine marzipan, choice almonds, and subtle liquors.

Of course, the special species of pralines at Leysieffer is our Himmlische pralines – a real secret recipe of Karl and Ursula Leysieffer dating back to 1950. With their delicate filling, coated in milk chocolate, and their typical sugar crust, the Himmlische pralines are our specialty, and an unmatched favorite among our customers.

There may also be some people who find our Himmlische pralines to be too sweet, for example, our head of production, who prefers our nougat-brittle pralines. Another example is one of our marketing employees – a true Montblanc lover, who said: “A dash of cherry brandy with a whipped butter cream, coated, dipped, and topped with a sugar tip, like the snow coating Montblanc – glorious!”

At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal taste – and we’ve got the right thing for everyone.

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