Dear customers, most Leysieffer products contain chocolate or temperature-sensitive ingredients. To ensure optimal product quality during the summer months too, we will send your parcel with refrigerated shipping. Please understand that the delivery can be delayed by a few days.
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The Gift Bringer


The gift bringer from Leysieffer.

The tall, slim and elegantly dressed gentleman in the 20s style takes off his hat in a friendly greeting and carries a small package in his hand. We call him the “gift bringer” from Leysieffer and he has been gracing our company logo since the 90s.

The gift bringer symbolizes our product philosophy.




Whoever gives Leysieffer as a gift, is also giving an approach to life.

To ensure that a gift really looks like a gift, we place as much importance on packaging as on the contents at Leysieffer. We package all our products the way a gift deserves to be packaged. With love and by hand. Each item get its own unique packaging which we have designed with great attention to detail, from hand-painted motifs to individual lettering through to specially designed wrappers, sometimes in an elegant box of pralines, sometimes in a classic cellophane bag and sometimes in an classy, metal “treasure chest”.

If you are unable to hand over your gift in person, we will do it for you. You can order any item from our online shop and have it delivered as a gift along with a greeting card and your own handwritten message.