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Les Rêveries noires

Les Rêveries noires

Order number: 21680

  • Fine truffles in dark couverture chocolate
  • Handmade in the Leysieffer Manufaktur
  • Contains alcohol
  • In an elegant tin
  • gluten free

250 gram (€9.98 * / 100 gram)

Term of delivery: approx. 2-3 working days
Shipping weight: 0,400 KG

€24.95 *

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Truffles - really a dream!

Our Rêveries noires (French meaning "dreaming") will definitely make your wishes come true. That is, if your wish is for a truffle with an extraordinary tart flavor. All of the 24 dream truffle balls have a coat of dark couverture chocolate. Their high cocoa content of 85% imparts an intense and strong flavor. As similar as they look from the outside as diversified is their filling. We have enhanced their ganache with nine different flavors: Champagne, Cognac, Cointreau, raspberry brandy, kirsch, coconut, Rum, Whisky or Poire Williams. And as any dream that stays in your memory for a while, we guarantee our Rêveries noires will do so, too. You can savor their intense taste long after they have been enjoyed.


Masterpieces from the hands of masters: Pralines & truffles from Leysieffer.

When we at Leysieffer say we are proud of our products and their quality, it is another way of saying that we are proud of our employees.

Practice makes perfect.

35% of our confectioners are master confectioners and 13.7% of all Leysieffer employees have already been with us for over 20 years. Perhaps that is why the confectioner’s craft is alive and well at Leysieffer. Leysieffer is a manufactory in which almost all the stages of praline and truffle production are handwork.

Our confectioners have learned their trade from the bottom up and apply these skills on daily basis at our manufactory. Whether it relates to the production of marzipan, the praline filling, the truffle mixture or the topping and garnishing...our confectioners always have just the right touch.

The gift bringer from Leysieffer.

If you take a close look at our company logo you will see an elegant gentleman: the gift bringer from Leysieffer. It was designed in the 90s by one of the best known and most gifted designers in Germany: Peter Schmidt. This is where we drew inspiration for our gift bringer service: on request, we can deliver your order directly as a gift. It is accompanied by a greeting card with your requested text, which – what else could you expect - we have written by hand.

  • Soya and derived products
  • Milk and dairy products ( incl. milk sugar)

May contain traces of other nuts.

Cream truffle mass (50%) in dark couverture chocolate (cocoa: minimum 85%).
Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, CREAM, sugar, WHOLE MILK POWDER, BUTTER, Marc de Champagne, Cognac, rum, whisky, Poire Williams, Champagne, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN, natural vanilla flavor, LACTOSE, SKIMMED MILK POWDER; colors in the decoration: E120. E132. E160a. E160c. E171. E175. E555.

Nutritional values

Average values for 100g

Energy 2245 KJ / 540 kcal
Fat 40,7 g
saturated fatty acids 26,1 g
Carbohydrates 35,6 g
of which sugar 21,1 g
Protein 7,9 g
Salt 0,10 g

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